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Your First Web Page In Eight Easy Steps...
• Add hover effects to your hyperlinks with the title tag
• Place text above or below your tables with the caption tag
• Incorporate sound into your pages with bg sound.
Add Colors to your hyperlinks in a number of ways.
• Spice up the look of your pages with transitions.



HTML Examples by Tag
<title> <!--Comments--> <base href> <base target> <meta http-equiv=refresh> <meta http-equiv=expires> <meta name=description, keywords> <font> <pre> <blockquote> <p> <br> <ol> <ul> <dl> <hr> <a href> <a href=mailto:> <img> <table width> <caption> <table alignment> <table bgcolor> <th> <td> <input type=hidden> <textarea> <input type=checkbox> <input type=radio> <input type=text> <option> <input type=image> <input type=submit> <input type=reset>
Please note that all tags are not supported by all browsers. We try to note where compatibility issue whenever possible. Over time newer versions of browsers support more and more tags all the time.

Hyperlink Basics
Hyperlink Colors
Hyperlink Titles
Relative Linking

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The Basic HTML Page
Comments In Your HTML
Inserting Images In HTML
Background Image
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Image Map (Basic)
Fixed Background Image


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